Do we have recommendations for particular nutritional supplements?

Well, the answer is a resounding “YES”.

Before we share these with you let us explain how we came to this decision.

It is an unfortunate reality that most people only pay attention to their health when they are faced with some kind of crisis, and we were no different. Some 30 years ago Andre’ was given the dreaded big C diagnosis, and the family was immediately plunged into panic mode.

After all, we had two young sons, aged 8 and 5, who were not ready to lose their mother. And Moray was not ready to lose his wife either!

For starters, André followed the recommendations of surgeons and oncologists. She agreed to go the clinical route, which in this case included major surgery, 12 months of the strongest chemotherapy treatment available at the time, and then radiation just to top it off.

While André let the doctors do what they thought was right, she decided to do everything that she could to support her general health and wellbeing so as to get herself through this very toxic and invasive treatment.

After considering various recommendations, this involved, amongst other things, searching for topnotch all-natural nutritional supplements and making sure that she took them on a regular basis.

André have no doubt that they played an important role in her recovery, and they have continued to keep her healthy ever since – early 30 years so far. She says this with some confidence as the unfortunate ladies who were her fellow travelers during this treatment, and who became my friends during the ordeal, have all succumbed to the disease.

André continue’s happily with her supplements and view them as an excellent insurance policy.

In addition, the rest of the family also started to benefit. Now following the nutritional supplement recommendations of his fully converted wife, Moray was saved from a serious decline in health due to intense stress at work. In addition, the boys also followed theirs mother’s recommendations and as a consequence no longer suffered from the ongoing ear, nose and throat afflictions that had plagued them (and consequently their long-suffering parents as well!)

Perhaps you can now understand why we are so passionate about educating people to take care of their own health by following these recommendations.

Dread diseases like cancer can be prevented (first prize) and if one is unfortunate enough to fall ill, nutritional supplementation can have a very positive influence on the outcome.

What we do know for sure is that prevention is better than cure, and the cost of prevention doesn’t come close to the cost of disease, both in monetary and in emotional terms.

So what are these products that we have come to know and love (and use)?

The company whose products we recommend is called NeoLife International.

Why NeoLife?

NeoLife has been producing state-of-the-art products for over 60 years. From the very beginning the company has adopted a philosophy that can be summarized as follows: ‘based in nature and backed by science’.

The founder, Jerry Brassfield, knew from personal experience that all-natural nutritional supplements can improve one’s health, leading to a better life, and he wanted to make such products available to as many people as possible. Now the products are changing the lives of people around the world, including Africa, where the needs are so great.

So what does ‘based in nature’ mean?

NeoLife nutritional products are made using raw materials that come from the normal human food chain – the fruits and vegetables that mankind has eaten for millennia. Then follows a methodical system whereby every step of production, from the quality of the seed stock to the inspection process on the packaging line, is closely monitored.

An 8-step procedure is followed:

  1. The crops are grown only in fields in the least-disturbed and most natural environments.
  2. The raw crops are analysed for nutrient content and quality.
  3. Sophisticated up-to-date technology guarantees the purest extracts and concentrates, with a minimum of processing.
  4. Raw materials are quarantined until lab tests for purity and potency are verified.
  5. Manufacture takes place guaranteeing consistency from batch to batch.
  6. Quality control tests using the most reliable current scientific methods ensure safety, quality and effectiveness.
  7. Continued meticulous inspection takes place during packaging, and batch samples are retained for continued checking for potency and efficacy over time.
  8. Even after delivery to the final consumer batch numbers on every label allow the company to continue the tracking process in the unlikely event that this becomes necessary.

And what about ‘backed by science’?

Meticulous research underpins the production of all the products. In the words of Roget Uys, once NeolIfe's CEO, ‘the acceptance within the scientific community is enormous. We might just be the only home-based nutrition business company in the world with a history of association with organisations such as the New York Academy of Sciences and Stanford Health Library, researchers from the USDA and CDC, publications like the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.… And the list goes on’.

The research is under the guidance of NeoLife’s Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) which is recognised throughout the nutritional scientific community for its cutting-edge researchers and excellent staff. This body researches, develops and maintains every single product produced by the company.

Which is why we (and you) can take their recommendations so seriously,

The difference between these products and many others lies in the time and money spent on the science. One example is the Carotenoid Complex, an excellent antioxidant product, which took 10 years of research before it became available for consumers.

The products are designed to fill the gaps left in our regular diets so that our bodies are supplied with all the nutrients that they need to do what they do best – keeping us strong and healthy.

To get more information about the specifics of all the products in the GNLD range, visit our GNLD Positive Options website at https://neolifeafrica.com/positiveoptions

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