Nutrition and health go hand in hand

Good nutrition is essential to good health.

We believe that wellness and good health ought to be our normal condition. Our bodies are designed to stay healthy, provided we give them the right tools, but making the best choices is not easy.

In fact, even when we try to choose well, we are often stymied by what's available, how fresh it is and how it was grown, harvested and stored.

The challenges of modern life have created abnormal pressures, and the foods that we find in shops and supermarkets often lack nutritional value. That’s when our intake can fall short, and disease can get a foothold.

Common health problems such as heart disease, diabetes, respiratory ailments, obesity and even cancer are now recognised as being largely due to lifestyle choices and the lack of adequate nutrients. Many of us are over-fed but undernourished - what a strange state of affairs!

Paying attention to our food choices will play a role in boosting our body’s natural ability to ward off disease and stay well. But for most people, with the hectic lifestyles that they lead, it is often necessary to support those choices with suitable nutritional supplements.

Here you will find...

• A basic overview of how our bodies work and why we have to take special care of our diets or, more specifically, our nutrition.

• Short articles focused on our dietary needs at various stages in our normal lives, from conception and pregnancy through childhood and youth to adulthood and old age – with special attention to both women and men.

Advice on how the things that we eat can help with particular health and wellness issues, for example cancer and heart health - as well as the common cold!

• Notes on the importance of some particular elements of our diets – the major vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and essential oils.

• Advice on how to choose the most effective food supplements. We offer our recommendations based on extensive personal experience and many years of assisting others with their needs.

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